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Paranorm is a thrash metal band based in Uppsala, Sweden. They have played together since 2008, released a demo (Demo 2010) and two EPs (Pandemonium's Rise, 2011 and The Edge of Existence, 2014) independently, and played numerous shows around Sweden. They aim to create a melodic and progressive form of thrash metal, while still retaining the power and aggression that is the foundation of the genre. Instead of repeating what bands did 25 years ago, they seek to build upon that formula, creating something new and refreshing.


The band is currently actively searching for gigs and tours to promote the new release and have started composing new material for their debut full-length album. They are also searching for a record label that shares the same vision as the band to join forces with and achieve new heights.

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Sample ratings of The Edge of Existence: 9/10 8.5/10 4/5 8/10 8/10

Review excerpts:

"If you really haven’t gotten into the rebirth of thrash metal you should, and you should check out this band if you want some of the best of the unknown." -

"It has been a very long time since I felt this excited about a new band, I believe PARANORM to be one of the Music Titans of our century, if this is only their EP I have high hopes for their debut album." -

"This is a multi-dimensional band that keeps things original and throughout the entire album brings the thrash metal genre to a whole new level." -

"Jag tror nämligen att bandet har betydligt mer att erbjuda än att bara ses som ännu ett i raden av band som rider på den nya thrashvågen. I en rättvis värld är PARANORM snart en svensk metalexport av rang!" -

"Paranorm är det mest intressanta Thrash Metal band jag har stött på sedan band som Havok och Vektor" -